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United National Life


United National Life is excited to announce the addition of a new Dental/Vision rider that is available in conjunction with the three products sold on our “combo” application. Those products include the Hospital Confinement Indemnity, Secure Advantage, and Cancer Plus..

Unlike other dental/vision plans, the UNL plan does not use “Usual and Customary” charges to decide benefit payouts. Our benefits are paid in relation to actual billed charges which means policyholders will not be surprised when they get a claim check! Here is an example…

Let’s assume both companies will pay 80% of the covered charges. Dentist charges $100 for a filling. The Usual and Customary charge in your area is $70. Companies that use U&C charges for claims would pay 80% of the $70 or $56.00. UNL would pay 80% of the billed charge of $100 or $80.00. On the same claim, UNL would pay 43% more.



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